202U V6d TX-134 and Homelink

I ordered this kit for my gate opener. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JGDV8UM

It works well, aside from the Homelink programming. There seems to be mixed info on what should be compatible, so I just want to confirm before I move on to another product.

I can program the TX-134 remotes to the receiver without issue. I can program the TX-134 remotes to the Homelink (seemingly) without issue. But I can’t program the Homelink buttons to the receiver. Not sure if there is a difference in process, or if it’s an expected incompatibility. I have tried 2 cars, both 2022 model years, though I’m not 100% what version of Homelink they have.

• pair TX-134 to 202U
• reset Homelink in vehicle
• pair TX-134 to Homelink button in vehicle
• set pair mode on 202U, press Homelink button (rapidly, slowly, tried all types of patterns)… never registers

What’s your car model? do you have a homelink manual for your car?

During the 3rd step “pair TX-134 to Homelink button in vehicle”, does your car show detailed information about the remote?

One car is a Volvo V60 and the other is a BMW X5. Neither display any info on the multitude of screens they have.

The owners manual doesn’t seem to give any specifics on Homelink beyond programming instructions.

I’ve found link to homelink programming manual below.

So in step 3, the indicator lamp flashes quickly right?

In theory, the full programming step should be as follows.

Training HomeLink™ Unit in Car

  1. Verify the HomeLink™ unit has an empty channel – press the desired
    HomeLink™ button and observe the LED – if it flashes slowly, the channel
    is empty and ready for programming. If pressing the desired channel/button
    causes the LED to blink rapidly, or come on without blinking this channel is
    already programmed. You either need to choose a different channel/button on the
    HomeLink™, or perform Step 2 below.

  2. OPTIONAL – To completely clear all channels on the HomeLink™ unit,
    press and hold the two outside buttons on the HomeLink™ unit until the
    HomeLink™ LED light begins to flash rapidly (approx. 20 seconds), then release
    both buttons. (Do not perform this step to train additional hand-held transmitters.)
    Note: This operation erases all previously learned transmitters and you will need
    to re-teach any other transmitters to your HomeLink™ unit.

  3. Hold the end of the TX-134 hand-held transmitter approximately 1 to 3 inches away from the HomeLink™ surface – keeping the HomeLink™ LED light in view.

  4. Press and hold the desired HomeLink™ channel/button – LED should flash
    slowly (indicating empty channel). Continue holding the HomeLink™ button,
    and press and hold the desired button on the TX-134 transmitter for
    approximately 3-5 seconds. The HomeLink™ LED should now blink rapidly,
    indicating a successful learn operation. Release both buttons, and proceed to step 5 below.

Teaching HomeLink™ to the 202U Unit

  1. Press the program button on the 202U receiver until PRG led turns on
    Note: The 202U will remain in the learn mode for 30 seconds.

  2. Press the HomeLink™ button used in Step 4 above for 1 to 3 seconds. The 202U’s PRG led should flash quickly to indicate a successful learn.

  3. Press the HomeLink™ button once more to operate the 202U receiver.

Yep, the HomeLink button flashes quickly. The problem seems to be in the “Teaching HomeLink to the 202U Unit” step. I don’t think the 202U stays in the learn mode for 30 seconds… seems more like 10 or 15? The 202U unit will learn, because I’ve programmed/reprogrammed the TX-134 remote several times.

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that if I program the TX-134 to the 202U once… Program button, solid light, press remote button, rapid flashing… it works fine. If I repeat that process again, the light on the 202U flashes slowly and then the remote doesn’t seem to work anymore? Is that a process to erase the code?

When trying to program the HomeLink button, I don’t get any response from the 202U, slow flashing or fast flashing (obviously)… the program light just turns off after about 15 seconds.

Both cars are the same HomeLink process, I’m assuming they are the same version. Same results on both cars as well.

Yes, the repeat program process, light on 202U flashes slowly is the process to erase the code.

Sorry it seems our unit doesn’t work with your homelink systems.

Would the distance from the receiver to the homelink make a difference? It’s probably 12ft away, and the overall range from the TX-134 is like 50ft…

I think it has nothing to do with distance, just not compatible.

The TX134 remote you used to train homelink, is it from the KIT-1 bundle or from the standalone 2-pack?

Because the TX-134 from standalone 2-pack is slightly different, and can’t be used for homelink by default.

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