202U V6c 2 Solid Red SIG & PWR

My receiver unit is powered on properly from what I gather. I’m trying to do just get past step 1 here …

Basically, turn it on and program it …

I’ve tried resetting to factory defaults it does nothing and same results.

I still get the same two solid LED lights. I can’t seem to make them go away or do anything different

I’ve got 12 Volts DC … It seems my power source is good and all

The dip switches are all in the off position

I hold down the two buttons and then turn off the power I then continue holding both of the programming buttons down and turn on the power while already pressed and same results , two solid red lights only.

Both the SIg LED an
d the PWR LED are lit up red and steady.

Your power supply wiring is correct.

The SIG led should only turn on during programming (after PRG button pressed), or is receiving valid (already programmed) remote signals.
It should be off after powered up.

It seems the unit is broken somewhere, might be PRG buttons stick, or something else.

If it still doesn’t work, please mark is as defective and return the unit, thanks.
Sorry for the trouble.

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