202U V6 wiring help

I’m a little confused on this should be wired. I have 2 - 12v 5w solenoid valves I want to control separately. Solenoid 1 will be Pulse/momentary and solenoid 2 will be hold/toggle. All powered by 12v battery.

Can they get power directly from the remote unit? Here is a picture, any wiring drawing/explanation would be much appreciated.

Our relays on board are dry contacts, you will need additional wires to make them look like output power.

In this application, solenoid wiring is similar as wiring a led strip, see below.

You can first try wire solenoid 1 to relay 1, and see if it works, then start wiring relay 2 to solenoid 2.

Working mode can be changed according to product manual.

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