202u v6 programming multiple remotes for the same opener

I have two openers and multiple remotes. Two came with each opener.
I call one opener 1 and the other 2. I used the A button to program the remote for 1, and the B button to program the remote for 2.

How do I program 1’s remote so that its B button will open 2, and vice versa?

Just program remote buttons as you wish, one receiver at a time.

The remotes are same.

If the remotes are identical, then why does pushing the B button on the transmitter for opener 1 not open door 2?

The remotes are same = the remotes can be programmed to receiver, the same way.

It does Not mean, the remote automatically copies each other.

You will need to program button B to door 2’s receiver, before it work with that receiver.

To be clear, Do you mean I have to program door 1’s remote to Door 2’s receiver? Do I do that by pushing door 2’s receiver PRG1 button following steps 1 through 4 using button B on door 1’s remote as I did to program door 2’s remote using its button B?


When programming, just program receiver by receiver (because all receivers are independent - unrelated to each other ).

Focus on one receiver at a time,
In this way, you can keep things simple.


Thanks. I believe now I understand that the way it works is the remotes are being programmed by the receiver, rather than the other way around. It isn’t clear from the instructions or the past comments you’ve made. I’ll give it a try now.

Yes, the remotes need to be programmed to receiver, before it works with that particular receiver.

The unit I just purchased did not come with a diagram of the pin assignments on the terminal block. Fortunately, I had the one that I installed a while back to use as a model, and it worked.

Please post here or email me a diagram for the terminals showing the function assigned to each for my records, and for using relay 2, etc. I looked in the “202U receiver manual” topic as suggested in the the one sheet that came with the unit, and did not find it.

Please send a diagram of the terminal block’s 8 pin assignments.

I’m afraid there is no assignments diagram.

The functions are printed on circuit board, near each terminal.

In my opinion, if one were included in the one page that comes with the unit, it would save a lot of questions. In my experience, it is standard practice in the electronics and controls industry to include terminal assignments in the documentation. Although it’s a nice touch, it never occurred to me to look for that on the PC board.

I will take the unit apart again, photograph the PC board “documentation” and create my own terminal assignment diagram for the file.

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