202U V6 Kit-1 receiver not working with V4 or V5 Kit-1 transmitters

I’ve installed numerous of the 202U Kit-1 and assumed older transmitters would work with newer receivers. All my V4 and V5 transmitters and receivers have worked interchangeably. However, I just bought the new V6 receiver kit and it only works with the included transmitters. None of the transmitters that came with the V4 or V5 kits worked. However, the transmitters that came with the V6 kit works with the old V4 receiver?

Yes, we made some changes to receiver in V6 version, to provide compatibility with homelink, car2u & some keypads.
Unfortunately this change breaks compatibility with previous version remotes (pre-V6).
Sorry for the trouble, and let me know if you have other questions.

Well, that’s very unfortunate, for me. I have 12 v5 and v4 transmitters installed in sensors that now have to be ripped out, repurchased, and re-soldered into place. I don’t understand how the new receivers can be compatible with all kinds of other products, old and new, but not the company’s own transmitters.

Please put a big warning on the Amazon product page about this incompatibility.

We have tried our best to ease the transition.

For example, all our replacement remotes for sale now & the remotes shipped with V6, work with all 202U receivers from V1 ~ V6.

The only problem is, old remotes don’t work with new receivers.

I can think several solutions to the problem.

  1. We can ship the old stock receiver from factory, we still have dozens of old receiver left in factory.
  2. Customer use new remotes to work with both old & new receiver.

There is always another way than just ‘ripped out, repurchased, and re-soldered’

Thanks for the reply. Purchasing a V5 receiver would be the best solution for myself. Much easier than replacing all the old permanently installed transmitters . How would I go about doing that?

Please email us at solidremote@gmail.com to proceed.

Please include how many units you need (better prepare for future, since the V5 is not always in stock, and more units at a time would reduce per-item shipping fee).

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