202U v6 interference?

18 years ago I modified 2 chamberlain chain drive GD openers for my 2 sliding driveway gates. The GDOs are housed in Rubbermaid waste paper baskets. They have worked great, I have 2- 202U v5 in my garage to control them and my 2 garage doors. Recently a radio went out in the old Chamberlain GDO on my primary gate, about 60 feet from the 202U v5s in the garage. I decided to add a 202U inside the gate operator housing to take the place of the broken GDO radio as the 202U v5 in the garage is out of range when I am outside the gate on the street. I purchased a new 202U (v6 it turns out; incompatible remotes, another story) and installed it w/ a 12vdc supply in the housing near the Chamberlain panel board. Problem is the range is 15 feet at most. It appears the Chamberlain panel board with broken radio (I’ve tried relocating the 12vdc supply) is causing interference that is diminishing the range of the 202U v6. If I installed an antenna w/ 10 feet of wire about 5 feet away high on a fence post bypass this interference? I am not real keen on having the 202U v6 out in the weather, I’d rather keep it in the housing if possible.

If the interference comes from broken GDO radio, or the motor nearby, then the most effective way is to relocate 202u receiver as far as possible.

Using a longer antenna usually works when 202u receiver located inside metal shield, so longer antenna bypass that by stretching outside, but I’m not sure if it works in your application, when there is noise source nearby (most likely causing the short range).

I would suggest try locate 202u outside of housing, as far as possible, to see if there is any range improvement, if it works outside, then just place it there, you can seal the wiring holes when placed outside.

Please let me know if it works, thanks.

I am going to try that. I am working on a design/supply list for another project using a 202U, where it will control a post light and a nearby gate. The most direct approach will be to locate the 202U within a plastic enclosure with the 120 VAC power supply. Is there a type of supply less susceptible to interference than the other? AC or DC ? Or should the 202U never be installed in their vicinity in general?

Based on my experience, power supply & running motor are the top sources when there is interference, so I would recommend use a better power supply (usually a good clean 12V DC power adapter works fine), and stay as far as possible from running motor.

Some of our business customers choose 402U receiver in their lift products, and according to their test results, 402U shows much more stable performance in their applications.


But I think 202U should work fine for most applications, with acceptable range.

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