202U timer setup problems

I can’t seem to get any timer settings to program. Everything looks like it is processing but not functioning afterwards. I am looking for a time around 52-56 seconds for controlling an automatic gate with reversing polarity via 2 extra 2 pole relays. Also, I am reading 5.5 volts on ls1, ls2 and lscom with nothing coming from my end. I assume I am doing something wrong, please tell me what it is.

Update: I got the timer to function as needed, I did not know that dip4 was to be on to enable timer mode. Please add this note to instructions. I would still like to add live limit switches so please advise on the wiring specifics regarding this.

Please refer to below for limit switches information, thanks.

Ok, two bare wires that touch at the end of travel constitute an “open switch”. I guess I was looking for someone to confirm that the contact points on the 202U board are not dry and carry voltage.

Our relay are dry contacts, it does nothing but connect & disconnect circuits.

Apparently, I wasn’t clear enough in that I am asking about the limit switch contacts. I assumed they were dry as well as the relays but I have five and a half volts on all three terminals so I’m not quite sure how to connect switches. The relays are dry and work just fine now that I figured out how to use the timer function. If I was to suggest something however, if the relays were double pole, I wouldn’t have had to get two extra relays to reverse polarity for the gate operator. As it stands, the operator is working properly and I am quite happy with your product, the live limits will just ensure the system drops power to the motor in case of it’s internal limits failing or even just a partial open/close when the full 34 seconds isn’t needed.

So, is there not supposed to be any voltage on the limit switch contacts or is this somehow back feeding? I took the wire off of the common terminal that is tied to the system ground and the limit contacts have wires on them, but only enough to get out of the case and are not connected to anything. In this state I read approximately 5.5 VDC on all 3 terminals. (LS1, LS2 and COM).
Please advise.

The limit switch terminals are connected to internal circuit, not dry contact.

All I know is when your connect LS1&COM1, relay 1 will be forced off, just connect a simple wire, the terminals should not be used in any other way.


That’s what I needed to confirm, thanks. Please remember to update your instructions with this and the need for dip switch 4 = on for timer mode.
Have a great day, J.

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