202U Signal Loss

I’m using the 202U in momentary mode to run a 24vdc motor in our equipment. Equipment is ran for 30 to 60 seconds. Some units experience intermittent signal loss. Our equipment is installed in homes.

Is there anything that might be in a home that could cause interference?

I understand there is a 500ms delay to compensate for signal loss. Can this delay be customized to a longer length? The equipment has safeties in place to stop the motor instantly if it goes too far.

The interference is not necessarily in your house, it could be from outside (for example, other transmitters at 433mhz frequency, or just wide band noise).

The situation could be worse for motor control, since motor itself usually generates noises, both in power line & RF.

And yes, our 500ms delay can be changed to 1s (1000ms) so maybe it helps.

Please check the 3rd page of our manual, https://www.docdroid.net/eY12WkA/solidremote-202u-instructions-new-v5.pdf#page=3

It requires modify settings during receiver power up, we don’t have video for this setting, but if you have successfully changed timer value in timer mode, then change this setting should be easy (similar way).

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Yes. I have a TV transmitter/receiver setup in my home to drive a remote TV from a satellite receiver . It it wipes out my home WiFi when it is on. Took a while to discover what was the source of the interference.