202U recognizes TX1234 transmitters but cannot program relays

I purchased the 202U V5 receiver some time ago and am setting it up now. After pairing the 202U with the TX134 remote, which was successful, it seemed to be in some sort of default mode where each relay only closed briefly when pressing the transmitter button. All 3 DIP switches were in the off position.
As I needed to use it in timer mode, I followed the instructions for boot-up programming and the after-boot DIP switch positions. The same “momentary” behavior as found on initial setup was experienced. I reset and reprogrammed the unit several times, all with the same failed results. I tried two different DC power supplies and reversing polarity, but the results were the same.
Any ideas on how to correct this?

In default mode, the relay will close as long as transmitter button pressed.
If it only close briefly no matter how long you pressed remote button, it is not in default mode.
Please verify this,
and maybe try latching mode etc first, before timer mode, to see if it is working properly.

Thank you for the prompt reply William. I reset the unit again, set the DIP to 1 - off, 2 - on, 3 - off (latching mode) and configured relay 1 to transmitter button A, 2 to B.
I still only see the first behavior observed: relay 1 operates briefly after A is pressed, relay 2 briefly after B is pressed.

Maybe it has something to do with power supply, I guess the PWR led also turn off briefly when relay operates?
Please remove connections to relay (NO NC COM) if any, see if it still happens.

Thank You! My error. I had the power supply current limit set to 100ma. The relay inrush current took the output of the power supply basically to 0. The device works perfectly now.
Thanks again for your review and time!

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