202u receiver wont power on

I purchased the 202U receiver with remotes the other day to control a window motor. I wired it per a video i watched from this forum. Receiver powered on and i programmed the remote. Plugged everything in, hit the remote button and nothing happened and receiver light went out and wont power up again . Did i fry this receiver??

Solidremote RF remote control relay with dc motor/linear actuator - YouTube

To quickly identify if the receiver is broken, please

  1. use a known good power supply (such as 12v power adapter) to power our receiver.
  2. remove any other connections from terminals to keep the system minimum.

Power up and see if PWR led turns on, receiver responds to remotes etc.

no, doesn’t power on. not sure what i did wrong. The motor requires 3 amps only to power.

Not sure, possibly voltage spike or something like that.
The relay itself is isolated from 202u’s power circuit.

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