202U Receiver V6 i2c Basic Information

Where can I find basic information on the I2c bus - such as:
-the pinout
-the I2c address
-what data is available

An example would be nice.

Great product!

Please check below image for connection,

Address is 0x40

Outputs 16 bytes data contains
Byte0 = 0x00

Byte1 = 0x00
Byte2 = 0x00
Byte3 = 0x00
Byte4 = 4bit rolling counter.

Byte5,6,7,8 = transmitter serial number

Byte9 = relay activated
Byte10 = boot param 0
Byte11 = boot param 1
Byte12 = dip switches position

Byte13,14,15 = 202U receiver identification serial number.

I’m afraid we only have above limited information available, thanks.

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