202u receiver not opening door

I recently purchased a solidremote 202u v6 to make an old overhead garage door become usable via remote. Having limited experience with electrical wiring, I relied heavily on this article in helping me wire the product to my garage motor: Add a wireless remote to ANY garage door opener for about 20 bucks!

I have attached a photo of my current set up. The black wires are attach to the N/O and COM terminals on the 202u. The brown wires are from the wall buttons. Ones on far right and left open and close, middle two stop stop the process. Do I need a different power supply that offers more voltage (24 to match garage door terminal board)? I currently have an ac adapter that outputs 18vdc. any idea why it is not working? Thank you in advance for any help.

So when you manually connect C32 & C31 terminals, the garage door open/close fine.
But when our relay clicks, the door doesn’t move?

Can you try manually connect briefly and disconnect (to simulate button press) our relay’s NO & COM terminals using tweezers? see photo below,

Does it work?

Yes. C32 and c31 are connected to the open/close/stop buttons on the wall of my garage and they work fine when pressed. Ls3 and ls4 connect to the 202u, and when I hit the button on the remote, nothing happens. I briefly touched with tweezers the NO and COM terminals as you suggested and nothing happens.

If you touch NO & COM terminals and nothing happens, then the problem has to be somewhere else.

Will it because of too long black wires? ( goes from panel to relay ).
Or can you just wire our relay output to your wall switch’s push button? (which will work for sure, if your wall switch works).

The black ones are only about 10 inches long, so I don’t believe they are too long. I just tried wiring the relay output to the wall switch buttons and hitting the button and nothing happened again.

That’s weird,
In theory, wiring the relay output to wall switch buttons, is just like you pressed wall switch button.

What about you wire to our receiver’s relay #2 instead?
Or if that doesn’t work, try using a different power supply.

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