202U Programming Question

Hello. I am attempting to have two features on my truck controlled by a single remote. I need to control a reversing motor, as well as some simple LED lights. I have read threads about wiring reversing motors as well as simple ON/OFF LEDs. I plan to purchase two 202U receivers and would like to control them with the same remote. So my question is, will I be able to use the A, B, and C buttons to control the reversing motor with 202U receiver #1, and also use the D button to control the ON/OFF function of relay 1 on 202U receiver #2? Thank you for any assistance.

Yes, you can use ABC buttons to control one receiver, and use D button to control another.

Just program remotes to receiver the way you need, it should work.

Also when controlling DC motor reversing, please make sure it meets our relay ratings, or relays will fail quickly.


I have a schematic that will do this but can’t attach it. If you email me at jensor4@verizon.net I will attach it to my reply.