202u module relay led 2 on

Hello, I purchased Solidremote 202U from amazon and received on April 27, 2017.
Relay 1 turned on my alarm system, relay 2 controlled my garage door. Relay 2 stopped working.
Pwr led & relay 2 led on. Tried following procedure.

  1. Turn off power to 202U
  2. Press and hold PRG1 button (one of the two tall buttons, the one near SIG led is PRG1)
  3. While holding PRG1 button, turn on power to 202U again.
    No change to problem. Any suggestions or what is warranty on unit.

Hello Al,

Sorry for the inconvenience, would you please send the following info to our email solidremote+amazon@gmail.com ?

  1. The Amazon order number
  2. The 202U version number

Thanks and look forward to your email,