202U KIT-1 unit with 2 remotes - Will it pair?

I’ve bought the KIT-1 (see link). I was very happy to see that I’ve gotten the 202U v6 version (latest and greatest supposedly) and was all exitement when I got it to work with my garage door opener. Neat setup, everything worked really well, until I tried to simplify my life by having only 1 set of remotes.
I have another garage opener (Liftmaster-1265LM-A2070M) that has the Security+ feature (transmits using a 390Mhz frequency rolling code) and I was trying to pair the TX-134 remote to it so I only need 1 remote to open both garages. The door opener has a red programming button and when reading on the support site, I understood that it will work and program similarly to the original remotes (I looked at the videos and everything). Nothing.
I also have a gate with a LiftMaster Elite SL3000-UL, also with a red programming button and that one (according to the manual) transmits using a 315Mhz frequency.
Tried again the pairing process as indicated and NOTHING!
I’ve also tried the HomeLink on one of my cars (2017 Honda CRV), and NOTHING! Erased, re-tried, followed the instructions from some other posts on this site… NOTHING!
Then I’ve said, ok… can I use the “OLD” remote (a LiftMasters 973LM) to program the 202U unit, and just ditch the TX-134 remote… nope… the OLD remotes won’t pair (for some reason) with the 202U, enven when it was advertised that 202U would recognize 315, 390, 413 and don’t know how many other frequencies, rolling codes, etc. (all beautiful in paper).

So I’m wondering what’s the “magic sauce” with 202U that is not compatible with anything or I’m just missing a “programming feature” (clicking a sequence of buttons, switches,etc.) that needs to be done in order to get something to work at all and achieve my end goal which is:

  • have 1 set of remotes that can control the 202U, the Liftmasters garage opener and Gate opener.

I’m attaching pictures (only 1 at this point as I’m a new user) of the garage opener. I have more for the gate and the remote I have so you can see and assess if I’m missing something.

I’m not regretting the buy, I just want to make it work the way it should.
Thank you.

I see, the problem is our 202u will only work with tx-134 remotes supplied.
It doesn’t work with your Security+ remotes signal.
Also you can’t program tx-134 to your opener, because they’re not compatible.

Usually customer buy our 202u unit is because their opener is too old or broken, and they will wire our 202u relay’s output to wall push button.

It seems both your garage and gate opener is working fine? and you just need to combine two remotes into one?

If so, maybe you can try Liftmaster model 892LT according to your gate operator manual.


According to your gate operator’s manual below.

See page 46, accessories.
It seems 892LT and 894LT can work with both Security+ and Security+ 2.0 doors/gates.

Hi William,

Thank you for taking the time researching and helping with this.

The installation of the 202U is wired to one of my garage openers (the faulty one) and it’s working well that way. But I have another garage opener (for the other garage door) and the gate. Before it broke, I had 2 remotes and the homelink in my CRV working like a charm, but I decided going the “cheap” route and just get the 202U to get the faulty garage opener to open/close instead of replacing the whole garare motor/unit.

From what I read above (correct me here if I’m misreading) you are saying that if I get the 892LT replacement remote I will be able to pair that to the 202U, the 2nd garage and the gate openers? So this way I will have all 3 doors in 1 remote like I used to have?

Also, regarding the gate manual you’ve posted, that WAY newwer than the one I have. Mine is 1265LM (see manual attached) where it says it only transmits on 315Mhz.

I’m adding couple more pictures for your reference just in case. (gate opener programming and current remotes)

I see,
so you have 2 garage doors (one is faulty, and already using 202u hard wire to control).
and 1 gate.

And you would like to control all 3 with one remote.

While you can use 202u kit, you need to do the following.

  1. You will need 2 x 202u receivers, because each 202u only have 2 relays, and you need total 3 outputs.
  2. need to wire all 202u’s relay output, to your existing 2 garage doors & 1 gate.
  3. need to use TX-134 remotes to control all doors & gates.
  4. Our remote currently doesn’t work with homelink.

Or a more convenient way would be ( Not using 202u & tx134)

  1. Replace your 1 faulty garage door receiver with Liftmaster units (I think it should still be available).
  2. Control all doors & gates with Security+ compatible remotes.

Hi William,

Thank you for your advise and honest response. I’ll need to evaluate the Liftmaster replacement option or buying another 202U unit.
It’s a shame 202U receiver is not compatible with any other remote. It works like a charm and easy to program, quality is great and price is even greater.
Thank you.

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