202u - 5v Typical garage door application wiring instructions and dip settings

Hi - just want to add these to my old garage door openers. The old receivers broke. Looking for the document thats shows that wiring. The paper I have seems to only show what dip switch 3 off shows… for a light bulb and siren. I will be connecting the receiver to the physical button wires. rending the old physical button inoperable, I assume. But that’s ok, because I plan to just put the remote you provided on the wall and use home link in the cars. Thanks in advance.

Also amazon suggested the 12v power adaptor when I ordered the receiver. I see this is labeled 5v. But 12v is ok as well?

Hi Bill,

For garage door opener application, please see photo below.

Our 202U V5 (the V5 means version 5), not 5v…
Using 12vdc power supply is totally fine.

Please note, our 202U receiver does NOT work with most car homelink in the US.
The supported model is very limited, some customer reported Telsa Model 3 and some Audi models.

So you might need to find other products, if homelink is necessary.


Thank you. I tested the unit with power and also the home link, I have a Tesla model 3 and it worked great. I also have an older Range Rover, so appreciate the heads up that it may not work with that.