202c v6 controlling 4 actuators

I have a challenging question. I have 4 linear actuators. I want to move all 4 up or dn. PLUS I would like to move them in pairs. For example, north pair, south pair, east pair, west pair (could make N/E work for my needs) The objective is to level a platform and raise and lower it.

You will need 4 relays to control them, so you will need 2 receivers, or check other suppliers for 4-ch receivers.

You can use one button to control 2 relays, just program as you wish.

TY William, That makes sence.

How would I wire these two units up to also reverse?


Our receiver won’t work if you need forward & reverse, because forward & reverse one actuator will need 2 relays. And it will be very difficult to control on our keyfobs.

I think you need dedicated motor controller for your application.


Do you have a recommendation?

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with this specific application, maybe you can check on Amazon?

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