2-second button hold before contact closure?

I am using a 202U and my remotes to open my garage door (rollup) and my front gate. All of them are connected to the N-O terminals and make use of the momentary closure trigger.

The main issue is that if I accidentally push the button for my rollup garage door, and I’m on my way into my house, I might not notice it opened, and now the garage gets left open.

I’d like to add some custom programming to require me to press-and-hold one of the buttons for 2 seconds before the trigger occurs – this would prevent accidental openings of my garage.

How do I do that?

I see, so this is to prevent accidental button press.

Our transmitter doesn’t have the 2-second delay to transmit function.

An alternative is to use combination key activation, for example, you can program button B+C to activate relay (so relay will only activate if pressed buttons B+C together).

Or you can use our relay to trigger a timer module (that activate after several seconds), and use that module to control your door.


Thanks for the suggestions!

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