12-24 V RF relays interrupt each other


I purchased 2 RF remote control relay swith receiver kits with 2 channel transmitters. After hooking them up, each with 2 12v linear actuators, I got them to go up and down. The problem is when I try to use both kits at the same time. They interrupt each other. Is there some way to fix this? Is it because the frequencies of each kit are the same?


Yes you’re correct, when two remotes are transmitting at the same time, then only one, or none will work, due to same frequency RF interference.

Does pressing two remotes at the same time necessary? maybe you can post more details, such as the goal you want to achieve, so our engineer can check if we can provide more help, thank you.


Thank you for the reply. Yes, I bought it for a costume project for 2 people who will be standing next to each other, and I need both to operate simultaneously.do you sell relays with different frequencies?


Sorry we only have 433Mhz models, so you might need another 315Mhz receiver to make both work together.

I’m not sure if using one remote to control both receiver is possible in your project (maybe, because our receiver is somewhat flexible, and might use some trick to work), but if it is not possible, then using different frequencies seems to be the only option.

Do you have schematics of connections?


Yes, I think we really need 2 remotes to work this…could I use a different remotes with this kit?

I do but am unsure how to post pics here.

You can use image upload website, such as http://imgur.com/ or https://postimage.org/ and then post the image link here.

Thank you.

Here is the image. It might be a little unclear though.

Red and black are for battery packs, white are looped connections, and Brown and blue are the 2 actuators. I have it hooked up to where pressing A makes them extend while B makes them contract. Works like a dream.

I just need to be able to do the same with the second kit without it interrupting the first one.

Yes I have engineer checked the photo, and you’re using our receiver’s latch mode, to control the actuators like a forward and reverse motor?

There are two receivers & two actuators in total, each receiver controls one actuator’s extend & contract.

And there’re two people, each one holding a remote control, they need to click their remote at exactly the same time? (since latch mode switching only need 1 click of remote button, not hold continuously, so the remotes need to be pressed exactly at the same short period, such as 1 second).

Is it like the scenario that two people has to turn their key exactly at the same time, so door will unlock?

Sorry I need to ask so many questions.


No problem. I understand this is a weird problem haha.

Well I have to hold down the button. We’re going to be in a place with a lot of people so I’d like to be able to control how far each actuator extends.

Yes we need them to go up and down at the same time. We’re making a set of wings and need them to rise at the same time for the performance.

Oh! And to clarify, there are 4 actuators total. Two (one for each wing) on once receiver, 2 on the other.

Understood, so you’re using momentary mode, the wing will move when button pressed & hold.

It is indeed difficult if you would like to control two receivers seperately (if they can move together, you can just assign single remote’s button to both receiver, so when you press for example button A, both receiver will go up etc).

If seperately, it seems different frequency receiver is the only option, you will need another 315Mhz receiver to make it work.

Here is some tip that may help, our receiver can learn by both single buttons and button combinations (for example, you can make press A+C together to control relay #1) etc, so it is possible that use 1 remote to control both receivers, A-> actuator #1, B-> actuator #2, C-> actuator #3, D-> actuator #4.)

Sorry the above are the only options I can think of, hope it will help a little bit, maybe use a 315Mhz receiver is the easiest way.

Hi! Thank you so much for your help. I will try to track down a 315Mhz recriteria, but if not I will try setting them with one remote.


The pleasure is mine.